Our Houses and Residences



That most elusive desire: total privacy, unimpeded. At The Nautilus, only 26 beach and ocean houses line our shores – each a personal sanctum with its own

separate living room and private pool,infusing the comforts of home with a bohemian whimsy that invites you into the barefoot life.



The Nautilus experience begins as soon as your flight lands. You’ll be greeted as you disembark and driven by limousine to the comfort of a private VIP lounge, where immigration and other processes will be taken care on your behalf as you relax in the comforts of the Lounge. From the lounge, you’ll be ushered onto a seaplane for a seamless transfer to our corner of the Baa Atoll. The entire process from the VIP lounge to The Nautilus takes a mere 30 minutes. If you desire, you can experience our signature arrival experience (dependent on weather conditions) aboard a traditional bokkura, delivering you directly to the shores of your private beach house. Your personal butler will be there to welcome you. For a truly personal experience, charter your own private seaplane from Malé at one of the finest Baa Atoll resorts.